About Planet Blog

You’re probably reading this because you have an uncomfortable feeling about your company’s blog; the blog that you fought for against the cynics who said it was “too much effort and won’t deliver results.”  They were wrong.  At first.  You proved it had real value but now you’re anticipating its decline because, having launched it, you simply don’t have the time, energy or writing skills to keep it going.  Maybe you’ve recently inherited responsibility to make it work on the back of barbed accusations of negligence by the previous author.

Or maybe you’re a digital agency project manager or producer, wilting under the pressure of delivering the posts you said, blithely, that you’d create for your client on pitch day flush with enthusiasm, now flush with terror as the demands mount and the walls close in.

Whichever, you probably still, rightly, believe the statistics that show corporate blogs do more for company’s image and sales than any other social media channel; that as a means of optimising your website your blog can rock, and that prospects researching complex sales propositions value the richness and persuasiveness of the blog more than any other content they see out there.  Including website copy.

Indeed, according to Hubspot, businesses that blog increase leads by up to 80%, increase their website visitors by up to a half and have a significant impact on their Google ratings.

Still with us?  Good.  You need Planet Blog.

We love blogging – not just the writing but doing the research that goes into creating compelling and engaging copy that will leave readers informed, more positive towards your company and closer to sale.

Planet Blog is a small team of award-winning writers.  Coming from an advertising background we honed our skills writing advertising copy, complex effectiveness awards entries and white papers.  Even tenders (a writing skill like no other). Our history gives us a vast spectrum of sector experience from FMCG, to B2B and professional services, public and third sector, issues based social marketing and an ability to judge persona, tone of voice, and the need for detail to perfection.

It means we can write everything from humorous, pithy one-liners to complex technical descriptions (in either layman’s or technophile’s terms – whichever suits).

What you get from Planet Blog is the reassurance that your blog will tick over nicely with a steady stream of well written, well-researched and engaging content for a modest monthly fee managed by you, to your brief.

So all you have to do is guide the traffic.  We’ll do the heavy lifting.

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